From the Editor…Anticipating the season

by David Leestma

Pondering what comes next can be an important exercise as we think about the holiday season upon us. ‘Like that poignant moment at the beginning of an orchestral concert, the conductor raises his baton, but the downbeat has yet to be struck – you don’t know exactly what is coming, yet you’re certain that something is on the way.

October family photo, Andrea, center.

My greatest moment of anticipation was more than just a short passing of time. It began in the morning and lasted until the next day.  My wife, Cathy, was going into labor for our first born. Things were not progressing as they should.  So the doctor left the hospital and went home for the evening while Cathy’s labor continued. It was 24 hours of labor before Andrea was born by emergency C-section. Though there is no time limit for anticipation, we were grateful the doctor returned the next morning and both mother and child were well.  

Pondering or better yet, planning ahead this time of year just makes good sense. With global shipping containers stacking up and backed up on America’s east and west coasts, it may a good time to make that holiday purchase now. 

 It’s the most “geektastic” time of year with Scott Baughman’s annual tech gift review. From Airpods and earbuds to iPads and sonic vibrating electric shavers, there’s a tech device out there that you may not be able to live without (p 18). Deborah Eisenhut’s apple recipes part two has an apple cider with quite a punch (p 24).  Holiday events will literally be lighting up the Gorge (p 5) lighting up Forest City (p 21) and Festival of Trees, Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, (p 31).

The joy received from gift giving can also be felt through charitable support.  Our Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation and Outreach are two organizations that help our larger community in ways that no single individual can.  Both groups are continuing proof that people around here don’t just help each other, but always reach out to help others (p 15).

Before most holiday events take place, Veterans Day again gives up pause as we honor those men and women who kept and continue to keep our nation secure (p 5 and p 16). 

Discover all the stories and news I haven’t mentioned by paging through this Breeze holiday edition to find ideas of things to do and to think about in anticipation of this memory making season and the new year ahead.

Peace and goodwill.

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