The Arts…Art in a new season

by Mary Karr

“Good art can intrigue and challenge and awaken our minds to newer and deeper ideas.”
Ellen Phillips

The start of a new season brings inspiration to our minds as we reflect on the challenges and discoveries of the past year and hope there will be another spark to ignite our souls in our pursuit of new and interesting subjects as we pursue our artistic endeavors.  Art in all its forms will bring together communities building relationships and giving joy to many hearts.

In the upcoming holidays, art not only gives us rejoicing, but also reflections.  The first snowfall is not only an event it is a magical happening.  The November days are darkening and speeding up and also swiftly moving toward the end of the year.  The very air is beginning to be supercharged with energy and excitement.  Now is the time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hope of tomorrow.  Artists are our cultural makers and the soul of our community.

The weather begins to get a little crisper, but our farm curb markets are still brimming with our harvest bounty.  We can still enjoy a trip in the country and see the numerous wineries, art galleries, and museums.  Rather than seeing this season as the end of another year it prompts us to celebrate the unique exuberances it offers.  Life starts all over with the crisp days of November.

Our Lake Lure Artists are busy planning a special art show in Lake Lure on November 13.  Hopefully you will enjoy a day spent among a group of very talented artists displaying their wares and find a real treasure to buy.  What a wonderful idea for a special hand made Christmas gift,  We also like to remind everyone to check the art work for sale in the Mountains Branch Library on Bill’s Creek Road and the paintings in Medina’s Restaurant, Chimney Rock.  The art work changes often and the new displays will be worthwhile to check.

A short drive to the Reynolda Museum of American Art in Winston-Salem is a perfect destination.  In the current exhibition three centuries of American art illuminate the chapters of everyone’s life.  Works by the artists Lee Kasner, Andy Warhol, and Grant Wood are shown in this representation called “The Voyage of Life: Art, Allegory, and Community Response”.  This is a lovely way to spend a day.

  Each era has its own flavor. May the coming one be full of thanksgiving and joyfulness to everyone.

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