Comings and Goings…Brighten a corner for someone in 2022

by Jean Gordon

As a young child in Sunday school at the Baptist church I attended I learned a song that has stuck with me all these decades and just might be one of the best resolutions for the Year 2022. “Brighten the corner where you are,” wrote Ina D Ogdon centuries ago from the Biblical passage from Matthew 5:14-16. Among the lyrics of this song are, “Though into one heart alone may fall your song of cheer, Brighten the corner where you are.”

We can absolutely do that as we grab hold of the fact —  we have the choice to decide our own attitude every single day. Every day we can decide whether we’re going to brighten a corner, choose an attitude of grace and goodness or just decide to keep on being a scrooge.

We have so many things to look forward to in 2022. We can be ever grateful for health. Many of our friends and family  passed away last year, but we are grateful for our friends in Chimney Rock Village and Lake Lure who went on to Glory as we remember them with joy — the servants of the Lord who brightened our corner.

Every day in this new year we will have a choice to hang out with the right people. Doing that will give us a more prosperous life and will cause us to want the same for others. Hang out with those you can encourage.

Everyone we see is facing a challenge of some sort on a particular day. We can help them face challenges by being kind. Also as a little girl in Sunday School I learned, “Be Ye Kind One To Another.”

It will cost nothing to be kind in this new year but it could mean the world to those around us. Showing intentional kindness is a powerful resolution.

As we are thankful for health we have brand new areas where we can continue to improve our well-being. Have you noticed the new streetscape in Chimney Rock Village and the new boardwalk at the beach area of Lake Lure completed in the last year? Both these significant improvements made through the visions of Rutherford Bound offer us a fresh new look to some of our favorite places.The first phase of the Village Streetscape Plan is amazing and offers visitors a place to sit down and enjoy the scenery around them — a pocket park of sorts.

We don’t have to go far to enjoy the greatest scenery anywhere and by the way, everyone doesn’t wake up to see the sights we are privileged to see.

The mountains, the rivers, the creeks and the trails that are freshly cleaned just for our walking and viewing experiences surround us. Rutherford County leaders know the importance of outdoor exercise and are helping fund these trails around the county, not to mention the phenomenal Thermal Belt Rail Trail. How about the new Boulder Trails right behind The Gathering Place dedicated recently in Chimney Rock last fall. 

Better health comes with moving around more. I promise you I won’t walk 5 miles a day or even 2 miles, but I’ve learned moving helps a body feel better — literally from head to toe. Move those arms and legs or shoulders, arms and neck even while sitting.

These days I remember those who brightened my day just by caring for me. I will try to do the same to those in my corner. My neighbors, my family, friends and even strangers can be lifted up if I do my part.

In 1996 a dear friend passed away after an 18-month battle with breast cancer. Often when she would offer an audible prayer it included these words, “Make me a blessing to someone today.” Even in her toughest days, she yearned to be a blessing to everyone.

So in 2022 as we step into this new year, let’s not hold onto the old ways, but instead seek the Lord’s face with an open mind and brighten the corner wherever we are. That’s a legacy worth living for in 2022.


Jean Gordon spent her career in the newspaper business in Rutherford County and continues to freelance for several publications, including “The Mountain Breeze.”

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