From the Mayor’s Desk…2022 Brings a united sense of purpose

On December 14, 2021, Scott Doster and Jim Proctor took the oath of office as new commissioners for the Town of Lake Lure. They are pictured here with the new Town Council shown from left to right: Commissioners Patrick Bryant and Jim Proctor, Mayor Carol Pritchett, Commissioner Scott Doster, and mayor Pro Tem David DiOrio.

by Carol Pritchett

Mayor, Town of Lake Lure

It is a privilege to serve the citizens of Lake Lure in a second term. I appreciate the community’s support and will continue to do all that I can to preserve Lake Lure for future generations. Rehabilitating our town’s core infrastructure remains a top priority.  On this front, I am very pleased to share that as I write this article, it appears that Governor Cooper plans to sign off on the budget as presented by the joint Senate and House. The Joint Conference Committee Report on the Current Appropriations Act of 2021 reveals the Town of Lake Lure is slated to receive $16.5 million for the dam. Senate Bill 105 specifies that the Town of Lake Lure will receive $8 million for water and wastewater infrastructure projects. This funding will ensure that our dam rehabilitation and gravity lift sewer system continue to move forward in a phased approach as funding becomes available.     

We are pleased to have two new commissioners in place to help us with this important mission. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new commissioners, Scott Doster and Jim Proctor.  Your new Town Council is hard at work for the citizens of Lake Lure. We hope you will join our Town Council Meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 5PM in Town Hall to stay informed about key priorities.  We are also planning to hold Round Table Meetings, both in Rumbling Bald and Town Hall, during the first quarter of the year.  These meetings ensure there is a forum for community members to ask questions, share ideas, and to have a dialogue about key issues that are important to us all.

Your Town staff is continuing to provide the highest level of service to Lake Lure. We are conducting a national search for a new Town Manager to help lead this effort with Town Council.  As this search continues, our Town Clerk Olivia Stewman is serving as the Interim Town Manager. Additionally, our Director for the Dam and Hydroelectric Plant Dean Lindsey is now serving as Public Services Director overseeing Public Works, in addition to his current responsibilities. The new receptionist in Town Hall is Wendy Terry and Jennifer Duncan is the new Human Resources Coordinator and Utilities Billing Coordinator.  

Our team has been working diligently while the lake has been down.  We have been able to accomplish many tasks including: 

  • Selection of the new design/build company that will be working on the new sewer system; 
  • Rehabilitation of 63 manholes that will enhance the functioning of the existing sewer system; 
  • Lake structure inspections to ensure structural soundness as required for any structures within Lake Lure; 
  • A warranty inspection of the penstock that supports the dam; 

We appreciate everyone’s support of the extended drawdown period.  We expect to begin raising the lake during the second quarter of the year.  Please stay tuned to the Town of Lake Lure website for updates.   

In addition to this progress, we have also been able to move forward on the new cell tower in Lake Lure.  The new tower will be installed on the campground on Boys Camp Road. The new tower will enhance cell and wireless service from the dam, into Lake Lure, and just beyond Chimney Rock. AT&T reports that users will have 4-5 bars of service indoors so we are all looking forward to this increased access. It is estimated that the new town will be in place by mid-year. 

As we focus on all we are working toward in the new year, please enjoy photos of these recent events that have uplifted our community in so many ways including the Lake Lure Veterans Day program at Rumbling Bald, the Raptor Round-Up with the Lake Lure Police dropping off gifts at Lake Lure Classical Academy, and Lighting Up Lake Lure on the Flowering Bridge with the children from Lake Lure Classical Academy. 

May the New Year bring us closer together as a community with a united sense of purpose to continually enhance our beloved Lake Lure. Please stay tuned for Town News and upcoming meetings and events on the Town website at     

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