The Arts…Looking ahead in the arts

by Mary Karr

The time has come for some exciting new adventures, the start of a new year filled with positive experiences, along with peace, hope, and lots of love.

A great beginning would be a trip to our neighborhood city of Asheville whose creative spirit will certainly charm you.  Historians constantly remind us that societies and countries that produced and encouraged fine arts in the past have flourished.  Such a place as the art world recognizes is the beautiful city of Florence, Italy.

A visit to Asheville could find yourself immersed in a town that creates inspiration and productivity.  It consists of many different kinds of artistic neighborhoods with many approaches to the world of art.  One of my favorites is the River Arts District which represents a large range of creative mediums.  This area was once an industrial zone, but now holds two hundred artists within twenty two buildings.  One can watch many of these artists at work on their particular crafts from painting and pottery to fiber arts and sculpture.

 Starting at the Riverview Station and the Foundation Station is where a collection of historic buildings house many galleries, work spaces, and classrooms.  You will find craft studios and galleries along the way into the city including those at the Folk Art Center across town.  Classes are held at the North Carolina Glass Center if you are interested.  There are many glorious art galleries to explore all over town including the well-known Tiny Galleries in North Asheville.  Also of note — Asheville has a repetition of being one of the country’s finest music scenes.  All artists are welcomed in a wide array of genres from soul to hip-hop to jazz along with a wealth of bluegrass and old time Americana.  There is also a classical orchestra.

Every January the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival is held.  This is a week-long celebration of experimental theater, dance, spoken word, music and more.  It is now in its twentieth year.

 Asheville is alive with creativity.  It is known as “Number One Small City for the Arts in the USA.”  There are lots of fascinating art galleries all over the city including The Blue Spiral, The New Morning Gallery, and The Bella Vista Art Gallery, to name a few.

There are many ways to obtain a new and exciting direction for yourself in all the available classes and workshops.  Now is the time to get out and do something artistically active.  Don’t just put a trip to Asheville in your “Bucket List” to rust.  Life goes on so do it now.

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