From the Editor…Not the Same Old News

By Scott Baughman
Welcome to a brand-new era for The Mountain Breeze newspaper. As you read this issue, the world is breaking free from a horrible set of years battling the Coronavirus pandemic and our beautiful mountain home here in the Lake Lure area is breaking free from Winter to embrace Spring.
We hope that you are also enjoying the return of sunshine and outdoor activities around the lake as the water and the outdoor temperatures return to a more inviting level. But this year, the seasonal switch is not the only change coming to the area, and it isn’t the only change coming to The Mountain Breeze. We’re still proudly serving the Lake Lure and Chimney Rock towns and surrounding areas, but the paper is now helmed by a new team behind the scenes.
So allow me to introduce myself as the new editor. I’m Scott Baughman and along with my wife Meda who is our new publisher, it’s our goal to continue bringing the publication to you for many years to come. We don’t plan to make very many changes but over the next few months you may notice some alterations and hopefully you’ll find them all for the better. First and foremost, I want to point out a couple new articles – we’d like to welcome Kim Friese as our new restaurant critic. You can find his first review in this very issue as he tackles the also new Highlands restaurant. And former mayor Bob Keith has branched out in his column to focus on members of our community and their interesting, and compelling stories.
There are a great many other things happening in Lake Lure that are worthy of your attention with a new dam for the lake on the way and growth across all sorts of sectors in the area. Moving forward, I hope to be providing some more in-depth articles on topics ranging from the most important happenings at the Lake Lure Town Council meetings to the status of projects like the aforementioned dam replacement efforts.
But it isn’t going to be all business, because that’s not what readers expect from The Mountain Breeze. We also want to hear from you, our readers, about topics you’d like to read about. Know of a local business that needs to be featured? Is there a trend around the lake that is really the talk of the town? How about a member of our community that is really making a difference? Or do you know of a story that really stands out about triumph over tragedy that visitors and neighbors alike would find inspiration in reading?
By all means, reach out and tell us about these unique firms, people and trends that you want to learn more from by emailing me at And that’s probably another great moment to point out some change for the better – we’re updating and revamping our website, starting with a new web address.
Check us out on the Internet with the new address: You can also reach us at our new email addresses. For me, that’s Scott Baughman over at and for Meda you can reach her for publisher questions or, of course, for advertising questions or requests at
Do you know of a business that’s ready for growth – or coming back from the dark times – that should be featured in our pages? By all means, please let Meda know and she’ll be proud to work with them.
I’ll close this installment by encouraging you all to get back out there and partake of our mountain home. There’s never been a better time for a sense of well-being and rebirth, and Lake Lure and Chimney Rock are perfectly situated to provide just that. And we hope that here in Lake Lure you can all find your flow.

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