My Cabin in the Woods

Poem by Bryant Williams
I’d like to go to my cabin and just sit there by the fire,
I’d take along a good book of which I wouldn’t tire.
No computer, and no telephone to interrupt my day,
And I’d make a pot of coffee, flavored just my way.

Or if it is the summer, and the weather’s bright and warm,
I’d wear a t-shirt and shorts, or things that aren’t the norm.
I’d sit out on the open porch in a chair that I can rock.
I wouldn’t have a TV, and would never need a clock.

Maybe I would take a walk out through the nearby trees.
With no duty calling, I can do just as I please.
I could stroll along the bubbling brook looking for a trout.
Or I could just sit up on the hillside to see what’s all about.

But now I have to wake myself and let go of these dreams.
Things just don’t always work out the way they should, it seems.
I don’t have a cabin by a brook on a wooded hill,
But at least I can dream of them when I have time to kill.

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