The Arts…Art in Bloom

By Mary Karr

“Just living isn’t enough,” said the butterfly. “One must also have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
– Hans Christen Anderson

Time has finally arrived to throw off winter’s heavy blanket and enjoy the freshness of spring emerging.  What a wonderful feeling to experience all the sounds waking us to all it’s energy and beauty.  The first sight of the many birds and the songs they are producing reminds me of one of the greatest concertos ever written, of the birds beginning Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”.  To hear it playing its joyful entry heralding spring with glorious birdsong, and then the sound of an approaching storm and then silence is an emotional moment waiting again the first sound of the birds beginning their songs of joy.  We artists soon will bring out our easels, paint and notebooks for sketching the first yellow daffodils breaking through the ground.  In her famous book, “Jane Eyre”, the author Charlotte Bronte, reminds us vividly of the coming season.

“Spring drew on…and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which freshened daily, suggested the thought that HOPE traversthethem at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.”

I recently came back from a great trip to one of my favorite cities — Charleston, an artist lover’s paradise.  To again walk the cobblestone streets, is always a pleasure. Visiting the many art galleries and lovely little shops  is always a pleasure.  Spring had already shown its face to the world with new flowers peeking out of the beautiful gardens in the historic district.  An artist with his easel set up in front of an historic house caught my attention as he began to paint the stunning area of early spring color in the garden in front of him.  He told me he had been waiting all winter for a day like this to begin again to paint outside.  If you find yourself here this spring be sure to visit the Gibb’s Art Museum on Meeting street for the remarkable art work being shown.  A series of spring tours hosted by the Historic Charleston Foundation will begin mid-March running through April.  You will see historic homes made of century old bricks and beautiful art forged iron gates.  These are living art treasures in a romantic and beautiful setting.  We hope every one will support these favorite art institutes in any way possible.  Art, especially when broadly defined to include decorative art and music, brings us all together especially in periods of difficulty. Art is about what we are and how life has affected us.

Here, at home in Lake Lure, the local artists are ready to have you view the work they have done this winter.  The Mountains Library has a new exhibit by one of our artists every few weeks.  Don’t make excuses or postpone a project.  Your only regret once you have finished your painting will be not having begun sooner.  So come and join our local art group if you are interested.  We welcome everyone.

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