Gone Fishin’…Can you say WINDY!!

Bob Tevs with a nice bass!

By Michael Lewis

I have fished this lake in the sunshine and the rain. The cold and the heat and all kinds of weather. But on this last trip, I have never ever fished it when the wind was blowing 35 to 40 mph. Until now.
It was impossible to keep the boat still for a second. The fact that we caught fish really didn’t surprise me. The fact that we didn’t run aground or ram a boat dock is what shocked me.
We fished soft plastic worms in shad and Green pumpkin. Rigged Wacky style weight less. The bite was slow, but the fish are fat. As it warms up the bass and other fish will get more active.
All in all we had a great time and caught fish. So even if the weather doesn’t work out for the best. It’s always a better day fishing then working. Unless you do what I do. So If you want to go fishing give me a call 828-223-0269 Michael Lewis http://www.lewisnoclark.com
PS. I won’t even talk about loading up the boat with the wind blowing my boat off the trailer.

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