It’s Spring At Last

In April of 2022, Bryant Willams passed away. He was a longtime contributor to The Mountain Breeze, sharing many of his poems with our readers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and wife, Mary. We will miss him and his poems.

by Bryant Williams

The cold wet days of winter now are in the past.
The soft warm days of spring are finally here at last.
To many, spring is by far their very favorite season.
Warm air, green trees and flowers, who needs another reason.

The gardeners are outside digging, planting, and sowing.
Better get the mowers out, the lawn will soon need mowing.
School will soon be out and the kids have smiling faces.
The search will now begin to find vacation places.

The baseball fields are busy as the season gets in gear,
With hopes our favorite team will be a winner this year.
The Super Bowl and March Madness are now behind us, so,
Turn the TV off, leave the couch, Now Get Up And Go!

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