Fishin’ … Just fishing

By Michael Lewis
Sometimes it’s nice to just go fishing. Most of the times when I’m out on the lake or on the river I’m working. It’s nice to take a break every now and again and just fish. It just so happened I was invited to a wedding in Colorado last month and I decided to take my flyfishing equipment and turn it into an expedition. I was in Centennial Colorado not far from Denver or Colorado Springs. I went to the Platte River early one morning to meet my Guide Tom. The river was quite crowded so I asked my guide if we could go somewhere where there was a lot less traffic. We jumped in the car and went down the road a few miles to a place that was more remote. After looking at the water in tying on three flies we fished a small stretch of the stream maybe 200-300 yards. We worked at area pretty hard but didn’t have any luck so I so we got back in the cars and went down the road a little bit further. This area the water looked little bit different, it had some green moss growing off the rocks. After a few good casts I hooked into a real nice brown trout. It really is nice to just get to go fishing sometimes instead of working at fishing. On the way to the fishing spot a bull elk walls right in front of me. Anyway if you’d like to go fly fishing in western North Carolina. Or lake fishing for largemouth and smallmouth give Michael Lewis a call. Lewis no Clark expeditions. 828-223-0269

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