by k.c.Friese

Trust me. It’ll be worth the effort. I don’t mean reading this column, I mean getting to QUE SERA in Black Mountain. If you take the route the Lovely Princess Gwen and I took from Lake Lure – what people term “the back route”– you will traverse roads that are winding, occasionally unpaved, and faintly resounding of what may be banjo music. However, once you get there… you’ll have trouble finding parking. But Black Mountain is a lovely hamlet, and a joy to cruise for the few moments it takes to land. And, like I said, it will be worth it, because QUE SERA is delightful.

However, if by any chance you would like to find employment at this somewhat spartan but very warm and comfortable eatery, please be advised that you must be terribly good-looking. I can only assume that is a requirement, as we were met by the hostess, the Lovely Lucy, who guided us to our window seat where we were quickly introduced to the male model/movie star who would be our server. When I say handsome, I mean, well, the two young ladies seated at the next table swooned and then giggled each time he left their presence, and one of them tipped over her water glass while staring into his eyes. I should probably mention the food. But wait. This guy was good looking. And get this. His name was Grayson. Is that even fair?

Okay, the food. The menu included a couple of steaks (a filet and steak frites), a chicken or two and a wide variety of seafood choices. I should mention that next to and attached to QUE SERA is the TAYLOE OYSTER HOUSE – same owners, same staff, same menu. I know, I don’t get it either, but I guess it works. Anyway, Grayson proceeded to help us through the evening’s specials, but had to wait, as it seemed Princess Gwen had tipped over her water glass. She did, however, manage to order the flounder special – served on a little corn pancake in a peach salsa. Then I think she sighed just before knocking her fork off the table. I had no such problems and ordered the blackened redfish from the main menu, and a glass of chardonnay from the extensive wine list. Grayson approved of our choices, the girls at the next table tittered, and Gwen, obviously concerned that Grayson convey our orders to the kitchen, watched him walk all the way there.

We both started our meal with a delicious blueberry and watermelon salad that was delivered by a statuesque blonde who I barely noticed. Then Grayson returned and informed us that, somehow, we had been given the wrong evening specials menu. Gwen immediately forgave him. I, on the other hand, hoped that Grayson was proving to be a fumbling twit, because God does not give with both hands. It turns out, however, that it was Lovely Lucy’s mistake, and, believe me, one cannot find fault with a young woman who you wish your grandson had shown up with instead of the one with the nose ring.

The specials menu snafu having been resolved, Princess Gwen ordered the red snapper, and I stuck with my blackened redfish. I will cut to the chase – we both were delighted with our choices, and equally so with the dessert we shared – a peach cobbler ala mode, which we ordered off a dessert menu that included bread pudding and a mousse, and which was delivered by the statuesque blonde who, again, I didn’t notice.

Suffice to say, Gwen and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to QUE SERA and plan to go back soon. The restaurant is located at 101 Black Mountain Ave. Their phone number is (828) 664-9472, and reservations are advised, especially since I’m told that some evenings – maybe weekends, give them a call – there is live music, which my friend the very avian Larry Czajkoski (please read his always informative column in this tabloid) informs me sometimes comes in the form of a young lady playing guitar and singing at just the right volume. I’m betting she’s lovely.

When not eating, k.c. Friese wrote for a number of television shows, and authored the novel STATE OF DISARRAY, which is available via Amazon. Got a suggestion for a restaurant to review? Email editor@mountainbreeze.online.

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