Lake Lure Mahj Mavens 2022

Moe Bay and Debra Gardner of the Lake Lure Mahj Mavens donate to LLFD Assistant Chief Chris Melton.


By Moe Bay

The ladies that play this 2500-year-old Chinese game at the West end of Lake Lure are happy to announce that they have made their THIRD cash donation. The Lake Lure Mahj Mavens meet once a week to play and every player contributes $1.00 to the “donation pot”. Once we have collected $100, we donate the money to a local non-profit.

We have donated to Lil’s Thrift Shop and The Chimney Rock Volunteer Fire Department. We have now gifted our latest accumulated $100 to the Lake Lure Fire and Rescue Department.

The LL Fire and Rescue Department was re-established in 2008 and is led by Chief Dustin Waycaster and Assistant Chief Chris Melton. They now boast a total of 14 volunteers. They have a paid full-time staff of 7 and a part-time staff of 8. Most of the staff volunteer at other surrounding fire companies as well.   The volunteers respond when emergencies occur. They play a vital role by aiding on the scenes and with special assignments, events and projects. Volunteers are ALWAYS needed!

The Lake Lure Fire and Rescue Company is located at 622 Memorial Highway, across from the Green Space. They are accepting applications for active volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel. We would encourage everyone to consider serving. Donated funds are always put to good use!

Mahjongg is a game of memory, mathematics, prediction, ingenuity, strategy and LUCK! If you would like more information about the “brain game” contact Moe Bay at


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