Mentoring for Medicine: The Elizabeth Program

By Laura Krejci

Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) began working with members of the Hickory Nut Gorge Community to establish a Mentoring for Medicine Program in the spring of 2021.  An information session was held for interested parties at the Lake Lure Lion’s Club and at the Fairfield Mountains Chapel to provide an overview of Mentoring for Medicine – The Elizabeth Program.

Preparing students to flourish in medical careers serving those in greatest need is the program’s purpose.  Flourishing means a life well-lived and a career delivered with Heart, Brains, and Character.

  • Heart to serve as their purpose
  • Brains to adapt to change
  • Character to be resilient.

It is not enough to be smart and hardworking; many such professionals are burning out and derailing their careers and their lives. *Thanks to Dr. Robert Pearl, former medical director for Kaiser Permanente for the “heart, brain, and character” concept – from his book:  ​Mistreated

Elizabeth Program founder Marty McCarthy shared that “Mentoring for Medicine (M4M) is a new program designed to raise up from our own community our future doctors.  We do this by recruiting and training civic leaders to be mentors to young students seeking a medical career.  Knowing that mentors are considered to be the greatest source of strength for future leaders, we hope you might consider coming to a future introductory session to learn more.”

Seven citizens from the Hickory Nut Gorge area made a commitment to serve as mentors including:

Chris Cochran, Marie Cochran, Richard Glassen, Laura Krejci, Dawn Milachouski, Carl Nelson, and Rivers Woodward.  These individuals participated in seven hours of training on mentoring, resiliency and flourishing, and career mission and vision coaching. Once trained, mentors were paired with a LLCA student and have been providing one to two hours of service per month as mentors.

The LLCA Mentorship Team held a picnic for mentees and their parents on Thursday, July 28, 2022 at the Rumbling Bald Pavilion with 16 in attendance.  The group was honored to have a panel discussion with two students who are working on a career in the medical profession, Devin and Karley. Both are mentored by Dr. Rivers Woodward.   These two bright students shared their experiences and offered invaluable guidance to the mentees, their parents, and the mentors. There was a meaningful discussion and everyone was grateful or their insights!

LLCA students participate in the mentorship program to enable them to learn more about their passion for the medical field.  LLCA School Director Barbara Cohen reports that “students who have been identified for this program plan to attend a four-year university program that will prepare them for medical school. Being a part of this mentorship program will provide LLCA students with a foundation for their future careers.”

The Lake Lure community is coming together to support the M4M Program by identifying individuals who are willing to serve as mentors for students at the Lake Lure Classical Academy.  An information session will be held this fall to identify additional mentors.  If you are interested in learning more about this fulfilling opportunity, please contact Richard Glassen at or Laura Krejci at

For more information about M4M program please visit:

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