Pavillon Celebrates 25 years

By Zachary Senter

If you’ve experienced substance use disorder (SUD), witnessed it, or learned enough about it, then you know the terrible ways that it can affect a person’s life. People lose their jobs, homes, and even families because of SUD. Overcoming SUD is not something that can be accomplished alone. To make matters worse, not everyone is going to know how to help others overcome something like SUD. Fortunately, the people at Pavillon are here to help.

Founded in 1997, currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, Pavillon Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center is dedicated to help individuals win their battles with SUD. Founders Giles and Liliane Desjardins designed a patient recovery model which the center still follows today. This model is part of what sets Pavillon apart from other treatment centers today, as it prioritizes the patient over profit. However, uncommon priorities aren’t the only thing that set Pavillon apart.

Pavillon has a wide variety of services that it can offer its clients. From daily meetings with all staff members to discuss the best treatment plans for a patient to a 160-acre property where patients can go on nature walks, Pavillon creates treatment plans that are tailored to each individual patient. This includes the patient’s spiritual needs, and the needs of their family. Pavillon even goes as far as to offer alumni support for those who have successfully completed treatment, and makes sure that alumni have treatment plan that they can follow once after completing treatment. Pavillon also has a large community of alumni that will hold events in various locations on a regular basis. Pavillon will even allow alumni to return and stay in a special house made for alumni up to four times a year. Of course, medical expenses are never cheap, but Pavillon is able to offer treatment at nearly half the price of its competitors, and they do accept most forms of medical coverage insurance. In order to better inform our readers about their organization, Pavillon answered a few questions for us.

What are some of the more common methods that Pavillon uses in its treatments?

We have a multidisciplinary treatment team that provides individualized treatment to all adults (18 years and older) who are suffering from alcohol or drug use disorders. We offer a complete array of effective treatment modalities that are consistent with the standards of the substance use disorder treatment field. We serve those who need detox, residential or outpatient treatment.  Having both a full time Psychiatrist Addictionologist Medical Director and PhD Psychologists on staff allows Pavillon to provide the specialized treatment for those with co-occurring disorders (psychiatric and addiction).

Your organization has described substance abuse disorder as a disease. Why?

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease with a neurobiological basis. There are many contributing factors that impact the progression and severity of the disease; but the basis of the disease rests in the neurobiology of those who have the disease. 

Your organization is able to offer care for a much more affordable price than most organizations. How is it able to do this?

We are a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide hope, healing, and lasting recovery to people and their families who are impacted by substance use disorders. We offer financial assistance for those who are in need and qualify.

Does Pavillon have any plans to expand in the future?

Our focus is on increasing our footprint in the field of substance use disorders. This will include expansion of our connection in the local communities in which we work and live; increasing our reach with our outpatient services; contributing to the field of knowledge about the treatment of the disease and long-term recovery; and continuing to evolve in our use of technology and treatment.

Pavillon has been operating in the Lake Lure area for a number of years, but is relatively unknown by the general community – why do you think that is and do you prefer it this way?

We have consistently advertised in the Asheville, Hendersonville and Tryon areas. We now have a focused commitment to expand our reach and to provide our services to our local communities as a participatory community business member.

Pavillon treatments are highly effective. Not only do they have a recovery rate that is higher than most treatment facilities, but they also have programs for those who relapse soon after completing their individual programs. To top it all off, 98 percent of Pavillon’s alumni would recommend their services. So, while many people do not struggle with SUD, Pavillon is here to help those that do.

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