Fishing…Mother nature always wins.

This year has been a roller coaster! In the summer I planted my garden and it did not rain for three weeks. This fall I planted my turnip patch it did not rain for 17 days. Prior to that we had one rain that washed out Chimney Rock and flooded the valley. A few weeks later there was a hurricane that tore Florida all to pieces and it was headed straight at us so they lowered the lake and the hurricane turned and went away. Too much rain, not enough rain better safe than sorry. As for the fishing it was actually really, really good this year — when you could get your boat on the water.
I’ve been fishing this lake for years and years and years and there’s a lot of different ways to fish. For example if somebody is fishing down the bank or the wall I’m not going to cut in front of him or fish behind them because it’s just not smart to fish behind them and it’s not good to block them off. But for years, myself and the other guides and other fishermen have fished together on schooling fish either in the open part of the lake or around the island. We almost surround them so that we can catch them and keep people from driving through the fish while they’re jumping up chasing bait. We’ve done this for years, but the lake is starting to get crowded and that calls for extra safety.
We have been catching large mouth and white bass like crazy. Call me when you’re ready to go fishing — Michael Lewis 828-223-0269

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