The restaurant at The Lodge On Lake Lure has, like the Phoenix, risen again. It’s called APPALACHIA and it’s great. Megan Medina (yes, of the very successful MEDINA’S in Chimney Rock) was the creative force behind this latest iteration, and she is to be congratulated.

     APPALACHIA is located at 361 Charlotte Dr. Lake Lure – the knowledge of which is useless because no one knows where Charlotte Drive is (it’s the turn by that little fire station on Memorial Highway just across from the old golf… nevermind). Just use your GPS or CBS or BS or whatever new-fangled app you’ve got guiding you about these days. Oh, and before I forget… On our latest visit the place was quite busy (on a Thursday!), so make reservations. (828)625-2789. They’re open for dinner Wed. thru Sat, and for brunch Sun. 10-2.

    Princess Gwen and I have already dined a number of times at APPALACHIA, and have been greeted by the very pleasant Amanda, who serves in some sort of managerial role, which seems to mean she does a little of everything along with equally adept staff members like Porcha (that’s right – not Portia, or Porsche or VW) who tends the bar and also helps serve food from a menu which has had interesting changes and additions each time we’ve feasted. On our first visit I had some delicious scallops and Princess Gwen had the short ribs. On another visit I tried the shrimp and grits – okay, I’m from Chicago, Los Angeles, Oregon and Tucson, so my grits experience is limited, but let me tell y’all – they were delicious. Once again, Gwen had the short ribs. Remember that sound your neighbor’s German Shephard made when you played at taking away its bone? That low, rumbling pre-attack growl? That’s exactly the sound the Princess made when I reached across for a sample of her short ribs. She really likes short ribs.

     Each visit Gwen and I could choose between a variety of “seafood of the day” and “steak of the day” selections, and they seem quite proud of their pork chop, which I suspect we’ll get to soon. We started two of our meals with a delicious beet salad (which is large, so the second time we split it), and once I began with the oyster fritter, which is sort of like a half dozen Chicken McNuggets, but with flavor, and we’ve finished the meal with a variety of desserts. Well, actually I had the bread pudding twice. I really like bread pudding, but it should be noted that I was happy to share with my bride.

     I’ve forgotten to mention that APPALACHIA has a magnificent view of Lake Lure, which can be gained while eating in the main restaurant, the bar, or either of the outside terraces. And, fortunately, the restaurant overlooks one of the lake’s wider inlets, because we will, for a very short time this winter, be experiencing one of Lake Lure’s charming “draw downs”, which means the view of some more narrow bays might be that of a mud slick with geese.

    Suffice to say, the Princess and I have thoroughly enjoyed our experiences at APPALACHIA and suggest you give the spot a try. Just be sure to make reservations, and if you see us there please stop and say hello. Just don’t reach for Gwen’s short ribs.

When not eating, k.c. Friese wrote for a number of television shows and authored the novel STATE OF DISARRAY, which is available via Amazon. Got a suggestion for a restaurant review? E-mail editor@mountainbreeze.online.

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