The Arts…Art for the Holidays

            Good art can intrigue and challenge and awaken our minds

            to new and deeper ideas.

                                                                        Ellen Phillips

This is the time of Thanksgiving and also of tenderness for the lovely memories of the past and for much courage for our present life – always giving a deep hope for the coming future. Every year around the end of October, it is time to make a trip to my favorite spot to visit – Charleston, South Carolina. For a few years in the past, it was a tradition for me to organize a trip to this tantalizing place for the Lake Lure Artists.  We would look forward to, as I still do, spending time walking the cobblestone streets visiting the many art galleries and boutique shops – reveling in the aura of low country life.  At the present time, the reader will know that I have recently returned from such a trip.  One of the first things I will have done was to check out the Gibb’s Museum of Art on Meeting Street to find out what new delight in the world of the arts will greet me when I stop by to view their latest offering to the public.   Then I would have begun to visit my favorite art galleries, viewing and also studying the many new paintings they have to sell.

Some of my friends would also tell you they go to Charleston to enjoy the wonderful “southern” food that is available in the outstanding restaurants that abound in the historic district.  What a delight it is to find yourself sitting in the charming courtyard of 82 Queen having shrimp and grits for brunch.  Then start thinking about Magnolia’s or possibly High Cotton for a low-country dinner that evening.  What a pleasure!  The charms of Charleston will win you over – if not the artistic atmosphere – surely the food will entice you.

Not all of my art friends are painters, writers, poets, or sculptures.  There are some whose talent is evident in other areas of the art world.  One such friend is David Robinson whose artistic achievement has found a source in woodworking. He has been able to take certain pieces of wood that are special and turn them into marvelous works of art. Right now, I know he is designing custom curated charcuterie boards. What a lovely and practical gift of art someone will be given this holiday search.  You should join our Lake Lure Artists, David!

Also remembering the gift giving season, our other Lake Lure Artists are offering beautiful hand-crafted items that will delight anyone on your gift list.

            Let each of us try

            with a song in our hearts,

            to bring peace to men on earth.

                                                                        Mildred Jarrell

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