Customer Satisfaction – Demand it!

The premise of receiving satisfaction in transactions whereby we are the customer and should be satisfied is losing importance in the society and culture we all live in!

We are receiving a manifest of excuses for the reason and I contend it is incumbent on each of us not to accept these excuses and take action when we are not satisfied and getting what we expected and paid for! A shortage of paid help, lack of training, not caring and no time are the most common of the reasons we are told to accept for “lousy service!”

My real life experience has been a wealth of delivering service in top management in retail as a corporate executive. It was an expectation to respond to every customer that had a bad experience in any of our over 1000 stores when the example somehow reached my desk. The response was simply correct the situation no matter how big or even trite the complaint! Primarily, the manager of the store was given the unbridled authority to correct the problem, if not achieved, the customer was encouraged to contact the “home office” via as contact information was on the receipt there was well placed sign at the point of sale. also info on the company information, advertisements etc. The axiom and mindset was “the customer is always right!”

Recently I was extremely dissatisfied with a transaction involving the brand dealership where I have my Hyundai SUV serviced.  I had received an ad from a competing Hyundai dealership offering free services when purchasing an oil change by appointment.  I made an appointment at my chosen dealership and the service department assured me they would honor the free services. The technician that greeted me was shown the brochure and I told him I was told those services would be free with the oil change.  He responded, “We do not do that!” I repeated I was promised, it would be done.  He questioned me again.  I did not relent.  He took it to the manger in charge, finally he said they would do it “only this time!”  I got a follow up e mail with a phone number thanking me for the visit and a phone number to call if there were any problems.  I called and elaborated the incident details to the associate on the line, the ‘manager’s assistant” and was assured, she would refer the detailed description of dissatisfaction, essentially being called a liar regarding the promise made, to the manager.  Three days later I got a survey.  Basically I, once again, detailed my experience and that I would not return or recommend anyone to their dealership.  Obviously, it was a perfunctory survey “phishing” for positive comments, as I received no follow up, now four weeks thereafter! I demand satisfaction and am writing a letter to the customer service department of Hyundai USA with my complaint!

The moral to the story is “expect customer satisfaction and if not received, demand it!” Conversely, it is important and to pass on positive comments, when your normal expectations,  are surpassed!

Our culture and society has evolved and we accept mediocrity or less than mediocrity!  We each have an innate responsibility and must believe we can do something to reverse that paradigm or mindset! 

  • If service or food in a restaurant is unsatisfactory, ask for the manager!
  • If your child of grandchild is being subjected to a curriculum or beliefs improper for their age or subject matter, attend a school board meeting
  • If you purchase a product that is not as advertised or of inferior quality, contact the distribution source or the manufacturer.
  • In the event you are continuously dissatisfied with a retailer or business, discontinue your solicitation by going somewhere else, only after you notify the business you are abandoning them and why.  Oft times, it is time to quit and they are not worth your business and money!
  • When dealing with your health issues, remember, as a patient, you are justifiably the customer. If you are not getting satisfactory diagnosis’s or advice, at the least, do a google search on the matter at hand, or in extreme cases, switch providers or facilities!

Consumer loyalty to the brand, practice, or retailer has been diminished over the last decade!  Remember when demanding satisfaction:

  • As a customer you expect satisfaction!
  • Always effectuate “COTS” as needed! (Criticize On The Spot or Compliment On The Spot”)!
  • Take your issue on the aforementioned to the next level if Satisfaction is not achieved!
  • Somewhere or Someone in the hierarchy is concerned or cares about customer satisfaction!

Passivity or Apathy will not give you personal satisfaction; the only behavior is expect it and  DEMAND IT!

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