Lots to do (and read) at the library

As I write this article, I am looking out of my office window at sunshine and beautiful weather. It seems like it has been a minute since we have seen anything aside from rain lately. As tired as we might be of the rain, nothing beats a good book (or three) on a rainy, chilly day!

Did you know that Mountains Branch Library purchases approximately 30-40 new books every month, on average? Did you know that we can get materials from other libraries across North Carolina? Rutherford County Library System (Foothills Consortium) is a part of the NC Cardinal Family. That means we can exchange materials with about 60 different counties. That sure does mean a lot of material at our fingertips!! If you are interested in an item and we are unable to locate it, let us know and we will see if we are able to order it.

Even after being at Mountains Branch Library for 3 ½ years, I am still amazed at the sense of community and love that the people of Lake Lure have for this library. We truly are a major hub of this area, and we love it! We love getting to know you and your families, hearing about your children and grandchildren, seeing your arts and crafts, and everything about you! We love how you support the library with your time, talents, gifts, and donations. We truly wouldn’t be happy without YOU!

Our Friends of Mountains Branch Library are working hard on our favorite event series – BOOKS & BITES!! The author lineup for this year will be amazing! As much as we enjoy listening to the authors speak about their work, we love to see you all together supporting the author as well as the library. As you know, this is the largest fundraiser the Friends do each year. Without their work we would be unable to offer as much as we do.

Speaking of offerings…have you been by lately to look at our bulletin board of upcoming activities? We have Book Cover Bingo with a guest caller who is the famous Rose Senehi. Thank you, Rose, for agreeing to help us out! We have a Build A Poem activity for adults in late February. One of my favorite series is “On the Menu with Maria” and all the yummy food I find to demonstrate. We have Lettuce Wraps and Irish Pastys coming up soon (2 different programs).  Cassandra will be coming back March 7, 2023, at 10:00 am to lead Yoga. Cassandra has been out for a while but is hoping to get back to the Library for Yoga fun! March will also bring painting Terracotta pots for children and Learn How to Spot Phishing for adults. Our Annual Peeps contest begins in March, as well, and we CAN’T WAIT to see your submissions!!

Due to staffing, we are rarely able to have programs on Saturdays, but we have made an exception for Dr. John Quinley. Dr. Quinley will be at Mountains Branch Library on Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 11:00 am. He is the author of Discovering Carl Sandburg: The Eclectic Life of an American Icon. Many of you are aware that Carl Sandburg lived in Flat Rock, NC where he produced a number of published works. Dr. Quinley grew up a few blocks from Carl Sandburg’s birth home and now live in Hendersonville; just a few miles from where Sandburg spent 22 years. Dr. Quinley served as a docent for Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site and has much information to share. Please support this Saturday program! No registration is required.

Come see us soon! We miss you! We love you!

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