N.C. dollars and cents

            The state of North Carolina has grown its wine industry in a golden period of opportunity that has cemented acre after acre into the history of this great region.  An association of growers, winemakers, and business owners participate in an annual winter conference held in Winston-Salem to share knowledge, research data, and of course the fruits of our labor.  We have just returned from this trip and I must say, the North Carolina wine industry is reaching ever greater heights with each vintage.

            There are currently 185 wineries across the state that produce a wine arguably for every palate you could imagine.  Growers and winemakers alike are putting every talent and skill to the test to farm what is currently valued as a $6.1 billion industry for the state, generating $350 million in tax revenue.  I don’t know about everyone else’s spending habits, but that is a lot of vino!!  The industry value is turning a huge corner with an ever greater public presence through shared tasting and culinary events from the Mountains to the Sea.

            The 2023 conference has shown me that the attitude toward growing a stronger presence as an East Coast region of fame full of quality and creative wines is nothing short of inspiring.  The industry strives for more engagement, and if you find the opportunity to attend the Taste NC in either one of the remaining locations this year, I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

The wine and vine trivia answer was Solomon a.k.a. Melchoir.  These 18L bottles hold the equivalent of 2 cases, 24 traditional bottles, nearly 5 gallons, for what I hope is an incredible party. Wine and vine trivia for next issue:  After planting, how many years does it take for a commercial grapevine to produce a crop?

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