U.S. Mint collector offerings

As an experienced coin collector or a novice, you are probably aware that the U.S. Mint each year has many types of new offerings such as mint sets, proof sets, commemorative sets, silver & gold sets, etc.

This article is just to make you aware that the U.S. Mint uses many types of marketing to encourage collectors and even dealers to purchase upcoming issues.  It’s up to you to decide if the new offering fits your collecting needs or not. 

Items being offered that do not contain any silver or gold will normally cost less but any long term growth in value will probably not occur.  Examples of this are the very heavily marketed proof and mint sets from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Today’s current value of these millions of sets is now about 25% of their initial offering price.

The popular American Silver Eagle bullion coin offerings began in 1986 and they still are being produced each year.  Because they contain .9999% silver, their value can be affected by the ups and downs of silver prices.  They are produced both in uncirculated and proof coins.  The proof issues seem to be doing better than the uncirculated issues.

The various one-ounce gold issues do well but have a decent purchase premium attached to them over their gold melt value.  The mint also produces 1/10th ounce gold coins which, for much of the public, is a much more affordable coin.

They also issue various commemorative individual coins and sets.  Obviously, those items with gold and silver coins will cost much more than non-gold and silver issues.  

My advice here is:

* Be selective in your purchases.

* Non-gold and silver items may not grow in value.

* Proof silver and gold issues probably have the best growth potential.

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Happy collecting!!

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