Community Chronicle: The Landings of Lake Lure

            The Landings of Lake Lure, the area’s new assisted living facility, is ready for occupancy as soon as the State completes its final inspection and issues a Certificate of Occupancy. All work should be completed in the second half of July. Denis Rainey, Executive Director of the Landings, provided a “sneak peak” of the building in mid-June for town officials and some local residents. It was an exciting and impressive tour. See photos below.

            Denis will conduct additional informative presentations and answer questions in the near term at Bill’s Creek Community Center, Fairfield Mountains Chapel and the Town of Lake Lure. Check the Lake Lure Town and Chamber calendars for dates and specifics.

For any information, you can get in touch with Denis Rainey directly at 828 436 5370 or at

Rendering of facility Photo courtesy Bob Keith
Denis Rainey, Executive Director of the Landings, starts the “sneak peak” at the facility in the lobby. He addresses Mayor Carol Pritchett, Communications Director Laura Krejci. Town Manager Hank Perkins and local resident and Lions Club President Fay Kobland. Photo courtesy Bob Keith
After the tour, Denis Rainey answers questions from Sue and Terrell Lewis (on right) and from Fay Kobland. Fay, we literally have your back. Photo courtesy Bob Keith

Olympiad Swim – June 10th

            It was an early morning in June. A warm, bright sun was emerging over the tree tops portending a beautiful day. Although the external temperature at race start time was only 55 degrees, the water temperature of Lake Lure was a surprisingly comfortable 78. This was the day that the Lake Lure Inn and Tours sponsored the second Olympiad lake swim featuring distances of 1 1/2 and 3 miles in length. About 100 swimmers competed coming from NC as well as nearby states of SC, Ga and Florida. There was a swim team from Knoxville, TN. There was even an eight month pregnant woman in the field who successfully finished the shorter distance with a beautiful, athletic, championship smile. Now that’s dedication to your sport.

            Sonya Ledford, Boat Tours and Beach Manager, prepared the beach and facilities for the event; Dustin Waycaster, Lake Lure Fire Chief, coordinated all safety personnel while Dave DiOrio, Town Commissioner and Olympiad volunteer, led all kayak safety volunteers along the swim course. Extreme thanks to all support volunteers. It’s all about community spirit!

Overall winner of the 3 mile swim event was Ben Whitaker with a amazing time of 53 minutes 12 seconds. Photo courtesy Clint Calhoun
This mom and daughter, Marilyn and Ireland Laxton, swam together. BTW, Ireland was the youngest swimmer at age 15. Photo courtesy Clint Calhoun
This unidentified swimmer swam the 1 1/2 miles carrying an 8 month old unborn child. What an accomplishment! Our apologies for not getting her name, town and time. Photo courtesy Clint Calhoun

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