Gone Fishin’… When the water came up, so did the fish!

      I have to tell you when the water started coming up this year just a little bit later than usual the bass we’re about ready to bust. So when the water came up and got around the boat docks, the males got up in that water real fast and started looking for girlfriends.

      I took a couple of guys from Missouri out and they actually brought their own equipment. Soft plastic worms worked well earlier in the morning. One of the guys put on a crank bait and caught two fish in no time. Both of them knew how to fish and before I knew it between both of them they caught over 30 largemouth bass. They caught two smallmouth bass and they probably missed a dozen or more when they picked up the worm and swam away with it, but just didn’t get hooked. All in all a great morning on the water.

      So if you’re looking to do something different on vacation or if you’re a fisher person, call me. 828-223-0269

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