The Arts…Summer and the Living is Easy!

The author with family at 82 Queen in Charleston. Pictured are Mary, Bryant Williams, son Steve and Pamela Karr. Photo courtesy Mark Karr

                Come! Join me on an artistic adventure to the land of enchantment – the enticing land of the low-country of our southeastern shore. We will begin it in Charleston, SC and use this city as our base as we explore the artistic endeavors of the area’s famous silversmiths. We will try to learn a little about these artists who design and execute an art that is fascinating and beautiful and wearable!

            After a day of strolling the cobble stone streets of the “Holy City” and visiting the many art galleries and shops, we will end the day having our dinner under the stars in the courtyard of one of Charleston’s fabulous restaurants – 82 Queen. The intoxicating odors of low-country cooking assail us along with the heady atmosphere of being in a very special time and place. Sipping a glass of cold white wine, we anticipate the wonderful Shrimp and Grits to come. It was a hard decision on our part to choose where we would dine in this extraordinary and diverse city of food. We decide to go to S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad) tomorrow for either lunch or dinner. Will we order their famous “Beef tenderloin with Crab cake, bearnaise and green pepper sauce” or possibly the “Crab-stuffed Flounder?” Whichever, what a culinary treat it is going to be.

            We are searching for a particular silversmith I have longed to meet who is the artisan who made a gorgeous piece of jewelry that I was given as a gift. The pieces have been executed in the famous “Tree of Life” design. I hope to locate this gentleman somewhere in the vicinity of James Island and learn something about designing and working with sterling silver. Perhaps I will find another special piece to add to my present collection.

            The month of August, though hot and steamy, is still a time to enjoy the many art shows and galleries close by to the Hickory Nut Gorge. The trip to Asheville is a relatively short one and that city is always a joy to explore. You will find the newly remodeled Art Museum in the heart of downtown lots of fun and very interesting.

            We mourn one of our special friends and an early member of the Lake Lure Artists. Ina passed away in late June. A service of remembrance was held on July 29th at the beach in Lake Lure.

            I would like to end with one of my favorite poems by Bryant Williams.


I look upon the swaying trees as the storm clouds rumble in.

The birds are seeking shelter and the squirrels race to their den.

The wind makes wave tracks through the grass as it ushers in the rage.

Light grows dim like houselights do for an opening on the stage.

Lightning flashes soon are seen, a harbinger of nature’s wrath.

Next I hear the thunder and watch leaves swirl down the path.

Sheets of rain come pounding down obscuring view and sight.

The sounds of all this fury can stir up quite a fright.

But then, almost as fast as this raging storm was born,

The sounds subside, and the sun appears like the dawning of the morn.

The raindrops stop, the trees stand still, and the birds appear once more.

The earth is washed, and the air smells sweet coming through my open door.

We all experience “Summer Storms” as we travel through this life.

These storms can suddenly hit us and fill our days with strife.

But if we hold our heads up high and do not bow to sorrow,

The storms will pass, the hurts will mend, and the air will be sweet tomorrow.

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