Editorial…Autumn’s charms are more than just cool

Those cool breezes of the Fall that you were fantasizing about during the hottest summer mankind has ever recorded may just be materializing as you read this column. The September issue of our hometown newspaper is often the harbinger of the season change and a marker of a point in time when we can all turn our gaze from the bright summer sun to the breathtaking colors of Autumn.

This year is no different for our issue, except that this year we’re continuing our experiment this month of having a single issue for each month. No, we haven’t done that for every month here in 2023 – that’s a bit of a bridge too far for even our daring nature – but we have done it for several issues here in the summer and now autumn seasons. What do you think, dear readers? Has it been worthwhile to have more of The Mountain Breeze? Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us on whether you want to see even more of these single-month issues and maybe, just maybe, we’ll work our way slowly up to being a truly once-a-month publication at some point in the future.
For now, I’m going to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor from the long, hot summer months and take a moment to savor the way that our team of extremely talented writers and local experts pulled together to make this one of the best and most successful summer seasons for The Mountain Breeze ever.
So, dear reader, I ask that you simply envision me raising a mug of hot chocolate – or maybe some nitro cold brew coffee or a caramel macchiato – and tipping my pageboy cap to the hard-working authors of our hometown publication. Here’s to some chilly nights and cozy blankets as we settle in for the beautiful display of Fall foliage to be visible soon.

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