Fishin…Summertime fishing

Fishing during the summer means trying to beat the heat.

One thing for sure about summertime fishing. It’s hot. You have to get up early in the morning. Just to beat the heat. The fish do not have any eyelids so as soon as the sun comes up, they start heading for deeper water.

I like to start off early with the top water bait, and the fluke. We usually focus on feeding fish. A lot of the time you can see the fish boiling on the surface chasing little minnows. The fluke looks just like the minnows the bass are feeding on. That way you can cover a lot of water fast and get some good top water action early.

Michael Lewis with one of his treasures on Lake Lure earlier this summer.

After the sun comes up and the boat, traffic starts to get heavier, you have to change your strategy. Fishing the boat docks, retaining walls and the rocks with soft plastic worms, or crank baits can bring a few extra fish. You have to be patient when you’re fishing with soft plastics. You have to allow the fish to pick up the bait and take it and you have to set the hook before they spit it back out. That’s not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes we use no weight at all, sometimes we use just a little bitty 1/8 ounce nail weights in the end of the worm to make it stand up.
    As we easy into fall the fishing should get better as it cools off. It is without a doubt one of the prettiest times of the year here on the lake. So if you want to get out and enjoy Lake Lure, and catch some fish give Lewis No Clark Expedition a call. 828-223-0269

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