Wisdom of the Ages

The Bills Creek Community Center, located in beautiful Lake Lure, has a lot in common with other Community Centers located across the State and the Country. Whether the Center is located in the Mountain, the City or the Shore all community centers are in areas populated by people representing a spectrum of many age groups. Many times the people on the far end of the age spectrum are overlooked. This is very unfortunate. Many people, old and young, are seeking greater inclusion in their communities. It is also unfortunate for the Community organizations because they are not tapping the maximum potential of the Community.  Older and younger citizens both are crucial to the success of any community organization. Older citizens have knowledge gained through life’s ups and downs that cannot be duplicated without living through the history of the experience. Younger citizens have fresh, creative, ideas when problem solving and a youthful enthusiasm that power them and the projects they become involved with. Both groups bring a unique way of looking at situations. Both groups have unique ways of problem solving. Organizations, be they for profit or non profit, are stronger when they encourage a diverse range of ideas and cooperation.

The Bills Creek Community Center is developing programs to tap into the potential of a broader range of our community members. Currently we are building a Speakers Forum. This informal forum will bring people who grew up in the Bills Creek, Lake Lure and Chimney Rock areas with people who have an interest in knowing what life was like back when. Topics will cover a gamut of life’s joys and challenges. An article will be written covering the highlights of the discussions. We are hoping we will be able to publish the article in a future local newspaper so those who were not able to attend the forum would be able to gain knowledge from the article.

The Community Center is also encouraging area youths to form the Bills Creek Community Center Youth Board of Directors. Much like the adult Board the newly formed Youth Board would be responsible to elect its own officers, recruit its own volunteers and implement its own programs. The Bills Creek Community Center sees this as a way we can empower the younger people in our area while creating a stronger Community Center.  This program will also be an excellent way for younger people to learn about team building and management. We hope to see this program lead to greater cooperation between all ages.

Both the programs listed are just starting to form. Both of the programs need more people to become involved to ensure success.  If you have grown up in Lake Lure or Chimney Rock please email me at billscreekcommunitycenter@gmail.com . Even if you do not want to be part of the speakers forum we would still like to hear your story.

The Youth Board is also just starting. If you would like to be part of the beginning of this new and exciting part of the Bills Creek Community Center please email us with your contact information. 

We hope there is a lot of interest in both of these programs. We hope these programs like all the programs and classes held at the Bills Creek Community Center will lead to a stronger, kinder and more 

intelegent community.

If the reader has any general questions about the Community Center, would like to volunteer at the center, or would like to rent out the Center for thier next party or business meeting , please contact us at Billscreek community center @gmail.com

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