Bill’s Creek Community Center…The Power of Music

There have been many studies that have shown that music has a profound effect on all of our lives. Music has led us into battle, has been in the forefront of social upheaval and yet, music has the power to soothe us into a peaceful state of mind. Music has been shown to improve moods, reduce stress and boost energy levels. Music helps lower blood pressure and increase heart health.

Music is a very important part of a Community. Music can help neighbors feel more connected to one another. Music can join people from different backgrounds together to share a mutually enjoyable experience. Music brings people together and helps fight loneliness and isolation.

Music, when shared in a community, enhances the group identity of the community. This leads to a stronger, more vibrant, community,

Music has the power to heal us, and the power to bring us together. The power of music was seen last year when over 150 people came to Lake Lure’s Bills Creek Community Center.

There is no better place than a local Community Center for music to work its magic.

The 1st Annual Music Fun Day was a great success. People enjoyed a free day of music while enjoying hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch.

The 2nd Annual Music Fun Day is right around the corner. Saturday, October 14th, Noon to 4PM. The Music Day will feature four very talented performers. The award winning duo of Walter Finley and April Dawn, Rod Sphere and John Hampton. Collectively these four have entertained people from California to New York and from Houston to Detroit. The Music Fun Day will be an opportunity for people from all over the area to open up their lawn chairs, meet new friends and enjoy four hours of Country, Folk and light Rock music. More importantly, the Music Fun Day at the Bills Creek Community Center will give the people attending a chance to feel the positive power of the music.

Once again the Music Fun Day is a free day of music. Sponsors allow the Community Center to provide this. They are good corporate neighbors. The Bills Creek Community Center would like to thank HUNT PEST SERVICES, RED MOUNTAIN HARDWARE,


and the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority.

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