Fishin’…What goes around comes around?

Wyatt dons his blue life jacket ready for fishing with Capt. Mike. Photo courtesy Michael Lewis

20 something years ago I had the pleasure of meeting these two girls grandparents. I sold them a piece of property here in Lake Lure while they lived in Greensboro North Carolina. Over the years, we established a friendship and then a family like relationship. Fast forward to 2023 and I get a phone call asking to take their twin granddaughters out on Lake Lure Fishing. And also take their next-door neighbors two boys out two weeks before the girls got here.

    So off, we go one morning, as soon as we get on the boat Wyatt in the blue life jacket was ready to start fishing. I explained to him that we had to go out to where the fish were before we could start. That didn’t go very well with him but he held on and waited. We got to where the fish were jumping out of the water and they were having a hard time casting to where they were jumping and the rods were a little bit big for them so we used some fold up rods that they had brought with them. We trolled around for a little while then we hooked to Bass so big, I was afraid we were going to melt the plastic gears in the fishing rod we were using.  Wyatt’s brother Jackson in the red life jacket caught the first one. Probably within the first hour and we worked hard for the rest of the trip and at the very last minute Wyatt caught his first bass. This was the first time that they had gotten to bass fish. Two weeks later the girls get on the boat and we get out there where the fish are jumping. And lo and behold if we didn’t catch a beautiful bass not the biggest bass in the world. Mind you, but when it’s your very first bass size doesn’t matter. And this was the first time they had caught a bass. Way to go Reagan and Riley! So if you want to get out on the lake and go catch fish with captain Mike. Check out

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