From the Editor…More than just the news

Your community newspaper is more than just an outlet for advertising and information. We here at The Mountain Breeze know that people do depend on us for that kind of thing and it’s our privilege and passion to bring it to you each issue.

But it goes beyond that for us and all of our writers as we produce this publication for you on a regular basis. Maybe it is something like a familiar recipe that you’ve always known about but not really been able to try fixing. Or it could be a bit of medical advice that you’re surprised to find fits your particular situation exactly.

Looking for something more interesting? This issue in particular and most of the other ones we produce each year you’ll also be able to find listings of community activities going on around you. So there’s no excuse for saying “There’s nothing happening during the off-season, I already miss Summer.” Want to know what’s happening at the local library? We’re your source for that crucial information as well.

But here in The Mountain Breeze you can also learn more about the local flora and fauna when we have our resident – and sometimes even an itinerant – natural experts chime in with knowledge about wildlife and plant life that you’re likely to encounter here in our mountain home. And the local paper can keep you connected to your fellow citizens. It’s more than just keeping you up to date, it is about giving us a sense of togetherness and belonging as we all learn about and discuss the same topics and ideas.

Beyond all these things we do also still offer the traditional community news that keeps you up to date on local government happenings and even informs about the plans and possibilities of the future. We thank you so much for taking a moment to read this publication with your morning coffee or as a way to unwind after a long day. And if you’re just visiting we welcome you not only to our neighborhood but to the pages of a local newspaper. We admit that we are a rarity these days, but with the support of our friends we aren’t just surviving, we are thriving.

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