Lake Lure Classical Academy…Let’s love learning

Recently, education in North Carolina has been the hot topic in social media, mainstream news channels and local newspapers. How we educate children and how we improve our educational system are often the topics of discussion among parents, community leaders, and public school educators. Are we using the right curriculum? Are we assessing academic standards? Are we meeting the needs of individual students? Are we preparing students for future careers? These questions and more should be asked, but one question remains – are children becoming lifelong learners?

We have all heard the phrase “lifelong learners” but do we really understand the meaning of this phrase?  When we take children outside the four walls of a classroom and teach them skills that are not found in a standard textbook, we teach them that learning happens all the time and everywhere. At Lake Lure Classical Academy, this is exactly what teachers and administrators hope to instill in their students. Learning is lifelong, and the love of learning is positively contagious. How exactly does a small school make learning transferable into lifelong learning? It is through the development of interdisciplinary math, science, social studies, and reading lessons that combine the academic standards into real-life, real-world experiences. Gardening is a prime example of how teachers integrate science and math into real-life lessons. Students planted watermelon, cucumbers, and other vegetables before their summer break, and when they returned to school in August they enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Yet, it wasn’t just the enjoyment of eating the vegetables, students learned what it takes to produce food, how much energy and time it takes for one watermelon to grow, and how to reduce food waste. Composting and the school’s worm farm are also teaching students that learning happens continuously. Students gain knowledge of the benefits of composting and how simple it is to take used food and make new soil. Reading, math, science, and social studies are the basis of a strong, solid foundation for educating children. When this foundation is combined with curiosity and experiences then education becomes a catalyst for the love of learning to grow within children. The school’s interdisciplinary units of study come alive when students take part in readers theater, public speaking presentations, and the recitation of poetry and drama as they learn about history and literature. What was learned from the passages in a literature book or a history book, are then combined with students sharing what they learned with others. This develops life skills that will help them in their future. Adults know that learning is continuous, but oftentimes children do not understand this. However, children are not required to know that learning is for a lifetime. It is up to the adults in their life to model, to embrace, and to share the love of learning. The next time you spend time with your children, grandchildren, or those young at heart, remember to find a lesson to share with them that teaches them to love learning.

Lake Lure Classical Academy is committed to developing lifelong learners. If you would like to schedule a school tour or find out more about how you can spread the love of learning with students, please contact the school at (828) 625-9292 or email the school director at

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