Gone Fishin’…White bass did you say white bass?

    I have been fishing this lake for years and years and years. When you can’t catch a largemouth bass. You can always catch a white bass.         

A buddy of mine showed me one time on the depth finder. He said look when they’re stacked up in a line like this on top of one another they are probably white bass. When they’re spread out and not stacked up on top of one another, they’re probably largemouth smallmouth.
   I like to catch them all but I’m not real real picky. So if I am out with people and we can’t get t”on a large mouth bite, then I’ll switch up and go after white bass.
   A lot of times you can find them schooling in different places all over the lake. The hard part is trying to find out whether they’re little bitty teeny tiny ones. Or some real nice table eat in size. That’s one thing the depth finder really can’t tell you that much about every time.

There’s a lot of ways to catch them. Top water with a little bitty topwater baits like Zara puppy and Pop R thrown into the schooling fish can be very productive. If you have the patience not to yank the bait away from the fish before they eat it. If you can’t catch them on the top, take a spoon and throw it out into the school. Let it sink down a few feet and then start reeling. That’s probably one of the best ways to catch them.
And if you’re up for just a lazy day, put out a couple of shad raps size number seven with a short bill and a long bill and troll. That’s always a fun way to relax and fish.
If you want somebody to take you out and show you how to do all this please contact Michael Lewis 828-223-0269 with Lewis No Clark Expeditions at www.lakelurefishingguides.com.

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