The Rodeo Life

Many people dream of being a cowboy or cowgirl when they grow up. Blake Walker lives that dream. Raised in Forest City, Blake competes in rodeos across the country and recently competed in Rodeo Carolina at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Blake’s Father introduced him to the Rodeo when he was a child. Even before he was a teenager Blake was entering junior rodeos. When he turned 18, Blake moved to Texas to attend Cisco College. While there he competed in 31 different rodeos. Now Blake has his own practice arena, over a hundred cattle, and over twenty horses.

There are challenges to be faced within the rodeo lifestyle. Weather is one of the larger challenges, as storms can prevent cowboys and cowgirls from practicing. Transportation also creates an issue. The best way to transport horses is by trailer. However, this also means that the owner of the horse must drive to their destination, which can take a considerable amount of time. Competitors can also be fined if they fail to attend a rodeo that they have already entered. Despite these obstacles, Blake still enjoys the rodeo lifestyle. You never know what kind of exciting adventures you may have while on the road, just like a cowgirl or cowboy in the wild west.

There are multiple events within a rodeo. Blake competes in two events. The first one is called “Team Roping.” In this event, a pair of cowboys or cowgirls work together to catch a cow with lassos. The second event is called “Steer Wrestling.” The person competing rides a horse and chases after a cow. The cowboy or cowgirl must then leap from the horse on to the cow and wrestle it to the ground.  

Blake says that there are multiple ways for people to get involved in the same events that he is involved in. There are schools that teach people how to compete in Rodeo events. One can also go online and find videos of professional cowboys and cowgirls teaching how to compete in rodeo events. Both methods also work for learning how to compete in any given rodeo event, not just Team Roping and Steer wrestling. So, there are plenty of options for those who want to follow Blake Walker’s lead and live their cowboy or cowgirl dream.

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