Wild Church Embraces Fall and Winter, Invites All to Worship in Nature’s Sanctuary

By Buddy Matthews

Are you looking to embark on a new spiritual journey or find a peaceful way to honor the changing of the seasons?  Come join the Wild Church community at the Transfiguration Preserve on Sunday afternoons. Let the enchanting surroundings inspire and uplift your spirit. This spiritual gathering, nestled in the heart of the Hickory Nut Gorge, offers a refreshing departure from traditional church settings. Wild Church aims to harmonize faith and nature by encouraging attendees to connect with the divine spirit in the great outdoors. It’s an experience that promises to nourish the soul while embracing the changing seasons.

Wild Church is where individuals from all walks of life celebrate their spiritual journey while fostering a deep connection to the land. Whether you’re seeking a new form of worship, a peaceful escape from the bustle of daily life, or simply a chance to slow down and appreciate the natural world, Wild Church offers a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.

The fall and winter months add a unique charm to the Wild Church experience. Surrounded by the breathtaking seasonal colors of the Mountains, attendees will have the opportunity to wander through the serene landscape, explore hidden corners of the retreat, and witness the awe-inspiring transformations of nature.

Mark your calendars and attend at the Transformation Preserve at 188 Mt. Tabor Way in Bat Cave, NC. The fall and winter sessions of Wild Church are set to be a testament to the beauty of the Mountains during this magical time of year. Wild Church may have a schedule adjustment for the fall and winter seasons after Day Light Savings time ends.  In response to the earlier sunsets, the worship time may shift from 5 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. This change ensures that participants can fully immerse themselves in the tranquil ambiance of the sanctuary without being affected by the darkness that descends earlier during these months.  For more information, including updates on events, weather-related changes, and specific time changes, visit the Church of the Transfigurations website at https://www.ectransfiguration.org for more information or follow Wild Church information on the Church’s Facebook social media page at https://www.facebook.com/ectransfiguration/

We look forward to seeing you at Wild Church!

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