Fishin’…Turning a lousy trip into a success

by Michael Lewis

I’ve been doing this for a long, long time. I’ve had my trolling motor go out in the middle of a trip. I’ve had the boat put in the water without the plug more than once. You would think that could only happened one time but you would be wrong.

This photo is from a trip that I took the day later. David Ritchie and his wife had fished for two days before he went out with me. His wife’s said there were no fish in the water. So I had to prove them wrong. This is David (R) and myself after catching 12 bass that morning.

 Last week took the prize. I had a fishing trip seven o’clock in the morning. I put the boat in the water. When I tried to crank the boat, nothing. Mind you it’s off the trailer now. The lights worked, the motor would trim up and down all the electronics worked. So not wanting to disappoint my clients I decided to head down the lake with my trolling motor to pick them up and take them fishing for a half a day. About halfway there I realize it was going to take me quite some time so I called one of my friends who had just put his boat in on the other side of the lake.  He agreed to pick up my clients. He brought them to me.

Out in the middle of the lake we fished for four hours and then he came and picked them back up and took them to where they were staying. He and I have worked together for years. He even asked me when he was getting ready to start guiding if I minded if he started. I gave him three or four phone numbers and told him to give them a call because I was too busy to take them. Anyway that’s just turning a lousy trip into a success, and that’s what us guides really try to do. 

Turns out the power cord had come loose from the wall outlet and had not charged the batteries completely. We caught a few fish had a great time and I’m sure those guys will be back.

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