Michael holding “my biggest one!”

by Michael Lewis

Since the lake has been down for a couple of months, I have not been able to get out there and fish. So I thought I’d tell you a story about a trip I made last year down to the East Coast. Some of you may know this guy. We try to go to Edisto, South Carolina at least once a year.

    I trade my timeshares in Rumbling Bald Resort for New Bern, North Carolina or Edisto, South Carolina most of the time. We went down to Edisto in October 2020. I called a friend of mine Eathan Williams to see what the fishing was like. Eathan grew up here in Rutherford County and went to RS Central.  His father and I used to work together for Fairfield and Wyndham. Eathan is now a guide down in Mount Pleasant, Charleston area.

    ‘Turns out his dad and mom were down there, so they invited me to go fishing one morning. I could not say no. A chance to go with a guide down there is great opportunity for me. It’s one of the few times I get to go fishing and I don’t have to work.  Anyway we met, got on the boat and went out and cast netted some mullet. 

We went out to the jetties.  There were several boats lined up along them. We went out almost to the end and hit the spot lock. We immediately started hooking fish first and second cast. I was using a new rod that I just bought and the reel had braid on it that I’ve never used before and it broke off. So I grabbed my other rod and reset everything up. We caught mostly red fish and one huge flounder.

       After a little while another boat pulled up beside us with a camera crew, another boat dropping people off and picking people up and a drone driver. They weren’t as lucky as us.  After a little while we were getting so many fish, that they were watching us trying to figure out what we were doing. They even flew their drone over our boat.  I guess it makes a difference if you go with a local. Anyway we had a great fishing trip. 

Thanks to Eathan Williams and Richard Williams. The last fish I caught I couldn’t hold it up so Eathan held it up for me!

 Let’s go fishing! Michael Lewis 828-223-0269

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