The Joys of Aging

by Bryant Williams

I used to run around the block, but now I just take a walk.
I used to enjoy active sports, but now I like to sit and talk.
On TV I’d watch the late night news and go to bed quite late,
But TV doesn’t hold me now, so don’t call me after eight.

I have found other interests to suit my maturing age.
Youthful things are in the past. I’ve had to turn the page.
My brain’s still working well though it’s filed with years of stuff.
I know lots of answers on Jeopardy, but not right off the cuff.

Card games and board games, and activities around a table,
These are things that I enjoy and will continue while I’m able.
Travel can be fun and exciting, but should not be done alone.
When making plans for a trip be aware of your comfort zone.

Concentrate on the good things; don’t let the little things annoy.
Adding years is not all bad. There’s so much in life to enjoy.
Thank You Lord for the years I’ve had and hope there will be more.
Stay positive and optimistic; we never know what’s in store.

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