Your Voice…Challenges and new year opportunities

by Bob Keith

For the last couple of years, we have been living in a COVID bubble of constraint and capitulation. We have endured devastating Kentucky tornadoes and vicious crime waves in our major cities. We are overwhelmed by surging inflation, political dishonesty and leadership, and international instability. There is little that we can do to effect these global issues in the near term but we are and remain strong and resilient as a people. It’s time to turn the page and bring in 2022 and the New Year with hope and determination.

Let us face our societal headwinds with conviction and courage. It’s time for action and our plans for 2022. So let us do what we can do. Yes, it’s time for our 2022 New Year’s Resolutions. Minor personal resolutions cannot alter the world’s situation but can help us renew and shape our collective direction. Size up your own situation and focus on a couple of simple changes to improve your personal direction. Mine are modifying my diet and exercise plans. These are small adjustments in my life but certainly are achievable. In addition, on a larger scale, commit to something to make our community a better place to live. Seek out one of our local organizations. Make a commitment to immerse yourself in a major project or two. Whether the organization is your church, our Chamber, LLCA, Outreach, Lion’s Club, CRV CDA, Olympiad, Rumbling Bald, the Dirty Dancing Festival or one of the Town’s committees …. Get involved and make something happen. Having taken these actions, we all will be able to look back after six months or so with pride and say “I made a difference”. The cumulative affects of all our efforts will be even more impressive and rewarding. 

Hickory Nut Gorge has a lot on its plate for 2022. The opening of the Town Beach in May, the 3-mile swim competition in June, the Arts and Crafts Festivals in April and September, Fireworks in July, the Olympiad in August, The Antique Boat and Car Show in September and so much more. Make all of these events part of your year-long plans.

In closing, may faith, love, hope and joy fill your life throughout the coming year.

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