Fishin’…Heading toward Autumn

Bob Swan

By Michael Lewis

This is always a pretty time of the year. The leaves are starting to change colors. The water is starting to cool down and the fish are really starting to feed up for the colder months.
This morning as we eased out to one of my favorite spots. I hoped the cloud cover was here to stay so that the fish would feed on top longer. As we put out, a bald eagle flew over the boat, always a great thing to see first thing in the morning. When we got to the spot, and I turned the motor off and dropped the trolling motor into the lake. You could see bass popping the top of the surface. Bait was running in several different directions and the folks on the boat took a while to figure out how to cast to them. After a little while Bob got the hang of it and literally jerked the lure away from several fish. One of the things that I told him when we got on the boat, was to make sure not to take the lure away from the fish. We fished around there for an hour or so with no luck, and we went looking for more fish. I took them to the dam and on the way back we went by the island. As we were getting ready to go under the island bridge, I noticed a bunch of bait moving so I grabbed a rod and cast. I hooked a bass and handed the rod to Bob. Teamwork!

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