JUST SOMETHING I ATE…The Lake House, arrive by boat!

The Lake House

by k.c. Friese

     The LAKE HOUSE RESTAURANT BAR & GRILL is a very popular spot, so parking can require some imagination. Fortunately, you can opt to arrive by boat, and a lot of diners do just that.

     You’ve probably seen those enormous pontoon boats popular here in Lake Lure. They’re like patios with fish underneath, and have at least one huge outboard engine so folks can spend their leisurely cruise at approximately Mach Ten. I think Princess Gwen and I should make our next visit to THE LAKE HOUSE exactly that way. But first I’ll have to buy a boat, and the ones I just described are a little spendy. And I’ll need a trailer, and some rope to tie up to the restaurant’s dock, and at least one life jacket (I’m not a great swimmer) and gas, and… Okay, I’ll be out maybe a hundred grand, but it will be worth it because the desserts at THE LAKE HOUSE are excellent. And the pecan encrusted trout I had was delicious, and, as usual, The Princess devoured her baby back ribs somewhat ferociously, and used both hands to devour her waffle-shaped sweet potato fries, as is her custom. The crab stuffed mushrooms the table next to us ordered also looked good. And I think we’ll return soon for the peach scallops.

     You may remember THE LAKE HOUSE from its earlier incarnation as LARKIN’S, and I’m told the chef at that eatery is the current owner of the new one. I remember liking LARKIN’S, and both Gwen and I enjoyed our meal at the “new” place, but if I have one complaint, it’s that LARKIN’S covered the tables with construction paper, and crayons were supplied (I assume to keep annoying rugrats occupied while their parents bemoaned the cost of their two engines). I think during our latest visit Princess Gwen would have preferred playing with Crayolas over listening to me describe the monster bass I will catch once we have our boat.

     THE LAKE HOUSE is located at 1020 Memorial Hwy., and is open seven days a week, but they don’t take reservations. It’s a pretty big place, however (very casual dining downstairs and a touch fancier above), so I think if you show up they’ll find a way to squeeze you in. Be sure to take off your life jacket to make room. Speaking of which, after considerable research, I’ve located a nice craft that I think is befitting of The Princess, and I hope to launch it in Lake Lure as soon as it clears some customs issues it’s encountered in the harbor at Monaco.

When not eating, k.c. Friese wrote for a number of television shows and authored the novel STATE OF DISARRAY, which is available via Amazon. Got a suggestion for a restaurant review? E-mail editor@mountainbreeze.online.

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