Private Investor Group Eyes Old Golf Course

While many people may know that the Town of Lake Lure was incorporated in 1927, you may not realize that the Lake Lure Golf Course opened that same year. And while the golf course may now be green space for the Town, the historic and future value of the public golf course has not gone unnoticed by a special group of golf professionals and investors.

Lie + Loft and Hickory Revival, LLC have put together a group of investors who would like to see the course returned to use – with a hickory twist. Building on the rising tide of golf courses that follow in the footsteps of historic Scottish courses, the group hopes to offer a more natural grass/sand combination instead of the manicured greens of modern resort courses. This creates a space that is welcoming to everyone and offers unique golf and recreation experiences that bring the community together. As an added bonus, the traditional course will offer hickory-shafted golf clubs – just like the old days.

The project is spearheaded by Luke Davis, PGA, a dedicated enthusiast of golf, and an avid hickory club restorer who has professional golf connections that equate to a “hole in one.” Luke shared his vision for the course with Board Members from the Chamber who support the proposal and the positive community and economic impact it offers.

“This project is more than a golf course, it’s a community hub. The investors will not only bring commercial and charity golf events, but will host workshops and corporate/institutional events, create a “Flowering drive” by partnering with the community to extend the identity of the Flowering Bridge, create night golf and camping experiences, and open the space to other special activities and events.” Said John Anderson, Chamber President. “It’s a no-brainer.”

If approved, Luke and his team plan to start conversations with their friends in the golfing world including Golf Digest,, Hickory Golf societies, and others who will be interested in exposing heritage-minded and family golfers to the new venue in Lake Lure.

First, however, they would like to get community input on the proposal before moving forward to the Town Council and Mayor. With that in mind, the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge is hosting a Meet-n-Greet with Luke Davis where he will present the project in detail, answer questions, and share his passion for historic golfing.

If you would like to attend the Meet-n-Greet, you’re encouraged to RSVP to

The meeting will be held March 23rd at 6:00 PM at the Bill’s Creek Community Center – 198 Club House Rd. Lake Lure.

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