Built to Last…Tools for Thought

I love tools.  Always have.  I guess it comes from my Dad who had a workshop in our basement when I was growing up.  There were only certain tools that I was not allowed to use unless Dad was watching.  As I grew older and learned how to use power tools, my world expanded.  Then when I bought my first house, I really learned the value of tools.  There were home repairs and basic improvements that needed to get done, so when the need arose, I needed the right tool for the job.

Recently I was thinking about just what tools does the home handyman (or handywoman) need?  One doesn’t want to get rid of an essential tool.  So, I went on an internet search and came up with a number of essential tool lists.

 We all know that you need to have the right tools for each job, and some of those tools can be quite specialized. But there are also some more general tools that are useful in many situations for common home repairs and quick home improvement projects that you can use in many different ways.

This list does not have on it very specialized equipment and tools, or list lots of power tools. Instead this list contains more general items that have multiple uses and will help you have what you need in your home the majority of the time for lots of different repairs and quick fixes.

The types of tasks I envisioned that you would use these tools for include simple and basic home repairs, hanging photos and other items on the wall, and assembling furniture and other storage solutions and organizers.

Here’s my basic list.  



Measuring & Hanging Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

I need to check my workroom to see if I have all these.  If not, Lowes here I come!

DAVID H. WULFF, AIA is a retired architect living in Lake Lure.

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