Lodge on Lake Lure finds growth in reopening


When Spence Romine and his team decided to reopen the Lodge on Lake Lure hotel under new management in 2022, they were prepared for a trickle of visitors. But the Lake Lure area didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

“Whenever we re-open a hotel, we have seen, like any business, there can be a slow start and you hope your numbers will increase,” he said. “With the Lodge, however, it seems that so many people were anxious to get back to the property as it had been shut down, at that point, for two and a half years. We have talked to so many patrons of the lodge with many of them going back decades with their memories of this place. And what made me most proud is that so many of these long-time patrons were excited with the updates we made.”

Romine knew that the hotel had a big impact on the community and so focused on a quality team to run it.

“With re-opening this property, we brought in a general manager, Amanda Mitchell, who has overseen several small hotels, including one that was rated, by Tripadvisor, as the #1 hotel in the nation for Customer Service,” he said. “Our hope is when you combine the views, the location, the food, and the customer service, that patrons will be pleased with the entire experience.”

However, staff members aren’t the only things changing at the Lodge on Lake Lure. He explained there were several renovations as well.

“Our goal with the Lodge was simple – keep the integrity of the lodge, with its rustic appeal, while also adding luxuries,” he said. “While you certainly cannot beat the views from the lodge, we wanted to add more comforts and elegance to the already “lodge-y” feel of the property.”

To do that, the team did the following:

– Replaced all furniture, fixtures, and mattresses, and added smart televisions in each guest room

– Fresh paint throughout to make each room brighter as it contrasts with the dark wood paneling. 

– Elegant updates to each bathroom – including new tile and shower enclosures

– Each room now can control their own climate as individual units were put in all guest rooms. 

– A new bar was built which is now a full bar open to the public everyday

– Floors were refinished and restored – including pulling up carpet in some rooms to showcase the hardwood underneath

– The furniture in the restaurant is brand new

– Strong Wi-Fi throughout

– Currently a boathouse and dock is being built with an expected finish date in June. 

– Meeting Room has been refinished and can hold up to 25 patrons

With all the renovations, Romine said the project was almost overdue.

“The Lodge needed a fresh look. And what better time to do it than right now! It had already been shut down for two years at the time and, with much of the decor being decades old, this seemed like the right time,” he added.

And the on-site restaurant Appalachia is also updated.

“Our Executive Chef, Tyler Seigle, has plenty of experience as he has worked as a chef at the Biltmore along with another hotel restaurant among other restaurants,” he said. “His Spring menu is already getting plenty of rave reviews from locals and hotel patrons and I am excited to see others enjoy his food. The restaurant has an ‘upscale casual’ feel to it and again, you cannot beat the views! It would be a hard decision to land on if the views beat the food or vice versa.”

And down by the water, things are also happening. 

“I am excited about the new boathouse and dock,” Romine said “I truly feel this is going to provide one more great amenity to the property. With this, and combined with Chef’s food, we are exploring the opportunity to do small events in the future. People have already been inquiring, and this excites us!”

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