A summer ripe with opportunities

Greetings Mountain Breeze fans, subscribers, contributors and – hey, even you few detractors! Welcome to the August issue of our beloved hometown newspaper and to the dog days of summer in our resort area. You’ve no doubt noticed it is HOT out there and while you can always cool off in the lake itself, or amongst one of our many wonderful mountain rivers or springs, you can also always find some more indoor entertainment in which to indulge.

And on that front, this issue of The Mountain Breeze is choc-a-block with great options for things to do involving some air conditioning. Further into these printed pages you’ll read up on some great activities coming up at our local Mountains Branch Library, various exercises that can help you not only get into shape but boost your mood in the climate-controlled comfort of a local gymnasium or even diving into some chilled history with some of the activities scheduled for the centennial celebration of the nearby town of Spindale here in Rutherford County.

Still want to be one of the outdoorsy types? Well, our stalwart local fisherman column from Michael Lewis can help you understand how to better increase your chances of catching something worth writing home about from Lake Lure. Clint Calhoun has some timely advice on how to be a better neighbor to our local animals and you can learn more about the various hiking and exploring options for Chimney Rock State Park from Olivia Slagle in her update – including how to enter the park’s summer photo contest for a chance to win some great prizes!

So, go on, crank up the AC or slap on some sunscreen (and maybe a little insect repellant) and get out there and grab summer by the horns. You’ll be glad you did!

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