Advice for the younger generations!

Recently I spent some time with my grandchildren and three of my four children and decided to journalize and share some guidance and ideals that would be a bedrock for success as they walk the pathway of life. The generations encountered cover generation Z, the millennials, baby boomers and generation X! Many of the components herewith are examples I practiced with success and others are derived from life lessons or my personal observations that would have been helpful to me if put into practice. Others are from pieces I read, mainly from a lifestyle section in the Epoch Times. I plan to put this in a personal journal format and share it with my children and grandchildren as a journal for them to share with people in their lives, hopefully guiding them in their own lives! My hope as the Patriarch in our family is the innate respect I have earned will affect their ability to take the ideals expressed seriously for a positive outcome!
• No matter what you decide to do, if it’s worth doing, do it right! Give it all you got and apply everything you know!
• Follow the example of someone you respect or a mentor when you embark upon an undertaking.
• Always pay attention and be a good listener, along with an avid reader to absorb and apply the knowledge you need to apply. Applicable knowledge is the most useful of the litany of knowledge you are exposed to!
• As you take the first step in your chosen career, pick a company that offers solid training, with a good leader and reward system for the over achievers, along with a meritocracy system for advancement.
• Practice humility never asking anyone to do something you wouldn’t do. Encourage teamwork and recognize those you work or play with as teammates! Apply synergy in every opportunity to achieve results!
• Always be frugal! Frugality applies to your finances and the environment.
• Excessiveness can lead to wastefulness, moderation leads to more enjoyment in your eating, drinking, fun and virtually everything.
• As you become a captain, a teacher, a boss and of course a parent, do not try to be a “best friend” by making things too easy, having high expectations will create respect and good habits!
• Be a giving person, giving and trying to make a difference in the lives of others. Giving and loving go a long way!
• Gratefulness is easy to express when things are going well, however when you are struggling, remain grateful by remembering, “Things will get better!”
• Apply “ABCD” (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) doing more than what is asked or expected!
• Train your thoughts to look ahead and not in the rear view mirror dwelling on the past! Keep what you learned from past experience in mind, but always move forward!
• When things go awry or not as expected, don’t try and find an excuse or worse yet, someone to blame, but take some or all the responsibility if you were part of the failure.
• Relative to the latter, don’t dwell on the situation or stress out, improvise, adapt, try something new and clearly ruminate for solutions to the problem.
• As you encounter and develop girl or boyfriends, eventually your chosen mate for life or you already have that chosen spouse, show your love verbally and physically. Always remember it takes two, giving and receiving love to achieve the quintessential relationship!
• Lastly, but of paramount importance, avoid bigotry of all types! Unfortunately bigotry is pervasive and divisive! Always judge everyone by the content of their character and their being mutually respectful of you. If you are uncomfortable in situations when bigotry prevails stand up against it. Bigotry is poisonous and must be condemned!
In closing, it is important to remember as an “elder” that many of the influencers of the younger generation affecting their actions and behavior are a result of peers, social media and other information contrary to our value systems, but we must understand and respect the reasons for differences in their lives! Offer your guidance as divine guidance offered from your heart and many years of life’s lessons.

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  1. I met you many many years ago when you were running the Kinney shoe corporation sometimes it’s not how and what people say at the very end it how do you make them feel
    At the time you made me feel valuable it was a 15 minute visit at my store in Tucson Arizona foothills Mall and you don’t know how you impact people it’s a ripple effect I held a conversation in my heart for years and it propelled me to be successful today so today I’m taking the time to say thank you at the time I was 26 years of age I’ve been divorced and I was beaten but I knew that words make a difference thank you again you help me understand the value of people invested in other people and that’s what you’ve done all your career invested in other people making them feel valuable thank you cheerfully and respectfully Manny vega

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