From the Mayor’s Desk…Town purchases new valves for Lake Lure Dam

As we move into November, we are planning our annual Veterans Day Celebration. Please make plans to join us as we honor all Veterans at this year’s Lake Lure Veterans Day Program.

WHAT: Lake Lure Veterans Day Program 

WHEN: Friday, November 10, 2023 at 9:00 AM

WHERE: Lakeview Terrace at the Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure

NOTE: A buffet breakfast will be served following the program. Veterans & their spouses, please enjoy a complimentary meal. Other guests may make a donation for their meal.


Lighting Up Lake Lure: At the end of the month, we will be Lighting Up Lake Lure for the Holidays! This year, the Town hopes to dazzle everyone with some new holiday lights that will showcase the stunning Mediterranean architecture. The Town is partnering once again with the Friends of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge and the Lake Lure Classical Academy. This popular event includes music provided by students of the Lake Lure Classical Academy, a countdown to and official lighting of the Flowering Bridge and the Town; followed by hot apple cider and Holiday cookies.

WHAT: Lighting Up Lake Lure and the Flowering Bridge

WHEN: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 5:30 PM

WHERE: West End of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge (Near Boys Camp Road)

Important Updates: The Town of Lake Lure is making significant progress on multiple fronts. I will highlights some of the key updates here alphabetical order. For additional information on these and other projects, please visit our website at  

2024 Lake Drawdown Schedule: The plan for the next Lake Drawdown is 1/1/24 – 3/31/24. The Lake will be drawn down by 12 feet. The purpose of the Lake drawdown is to allow for the completion of priority infrastructure projects including the sewer system replacement project . This includes the Gravity Lift System (GLS) in the North end of Sunset Cove; dredging; seawall and boathouse construction/maintenance; dam and hydroelectric plant maintenance; and sewer cleaning and maintenance. While the Lake will begin rising on March 31st, 2024, the rate of refilling the Lake is based on the weather and the amount of rainfall received.  

Audit: The Town recently underwent the annual financial audit and the results were excellent. Funds are being spent responsibly. The ABC store also underwent an audit with positive results.

Building Lease: At the time that this article is being written, Town Council has continued to accept and review proposals for the lease of the former ABC Store property until a lease is signed. All those who submitted a lease were invited to update their proposals. Town Council has confirmed that Pool Creek Picnic Park will remain open to the public and that the Lakeside Chapel will not be impacted by the lease. Proposals will continue to be accepted until a lease is finalized.

Cell Tower: The new cell tower project is moving forward. At this time, the project is going through the permitting process. The project is on track for completion in the first quarter of 2024. Town Council view this project as critically important and we are doing everything within our power to ensure the cell tower is installed as soon as possible for everyone’s safety and well-being.

Comprehensive Plan: The Comprehensive Plan is approaching time for renewal in 2027. The plan is typically aligned with the Tourism Development Authority and will be updated accordingly. We may change to five year updates as so much is taking place in Lake Lure in the upcoming years.

Dredging: The Town is working on taking bids for a new contract.The NC Department of Water Infrastructure (DWI) is dedicated to providing the Town with grant funding for dredging with a 25% match. The Town is committed to continuing dredging and sees this process as a key priority. 

Fire Department and Police Department Space Needs Study: The Town is in the process of conducting a space needs study for the Fire and Police Departments. There are plans for a new fire station initially but this building could also house the Police Department at some point in the future. The long term goal is for this structure to become the Lake Lure Public Safety Building.

Funding Received for Major Projects in Lake Lure: The Town has received the following funding for major projects.

  • $16.5 million in NC State appropriation for the dam replacement project.
  • $8 million American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for water and wastewater infrastructure projects.
  • $12.5 million State Revolving Fund (SRF) (0 interest) loan for the Sewer System replacement from the NC Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Infrastructure. 
  • $7 million State Revolving Fund (SRF) (0 interest) loan for the Sewer System replacement from the NC Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Infrastructure. 
  • $750,000 for dredging from the NC Department of Environmental Quality Water Resource Development Grant.
  • $120,000 FEMA grant for the design of the Dam’s Reservoir Drain.
  • $80,000 grant for the Lake Lure Dam alternatives analysis.
  • $38,070 FEMA grant for the conceptual design of a replacement for the Lake Lure Dam.
  • $425,921 FEMA grant for the Field Investigation for the Lake Lure Dam replacement. (Pending NC Budget approval)
  • $484,471 FEMA grant for the 30% Design of the Lake Lure Dam replacement. (Pending FEMA review)
  • Additionally, Lake Lure residents contribute $1.6 million every year for dam reserve fund.

Green Space Plan: Once the space needs assessment has been completed for the Public Safety Building, a strategic assessment will be conducted for the Lake Lure Green Space. Public input will be gathered during this process.

Lake Use Regulation: The Lake Advisory Board (LAB) conducted anoverview of the 2023 Lake Use Regulation. The changes and increased enforcement had a positive impact on lake congestion this season. The LAB made recommendation to enhance the Lake Use Regulations that the Marine Commission recently passed. Some of the highlights include:

  • Increased fishing access for non-residents in season from 9PM to 9AM and anytime on the off-season.
  • The Lake Lure fish habitat is excellent and we want to encourage fishing in Lake Lure.
  • There will be no more permit fees for personal non-motorized vessels. (Non-motorized livery vessels will still require a permit.
  • These changes are effective January 1, 2024
  • A Community “Fish Forum” was held 10/11/23 to review both the new Lake Use regulations and the results of the 2023 Fish Study.

Reservoir Drain Installation Project: The Town of Lake Lure has purchased a 72” Gate Valve and a 60” Jet Flow Valve that will serve as the reservoir drain. The valves have been specifically made for the Lake Lure Dam and will allow the Town to drain the Lake down, if needed. This is an emergency preparedness feature in the event the Lake needed to be lowered during a significant storm. The valves are also a mechanism which will allow the Lake to be lowered in support of the sewer system replacement project which is currently underway.

Culvert Pipes were delivered at the first of October for the temporary construction crossing in the river to access the back side of the dam. Equipment was delivered to start excavation and excavation began to prepare the site for the temporary crossing on 10/5/23 as shown here. Note that the reservoir drain valves will be incorporated into the new dam once it is built in the future.

Sewer System Replacement Project Update: The sewer system replacement project is a legacy project that is ongoing and is expected to take a decade to complete. The next step is to continue work in the North end of Sunset Cove. This will include installing the Gravity Lift System (GLS) in the pipes that were bored in 2023. Additional boring pipes will be installed and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) pipes will also be installed. As the Town is maintaining the existing system while installing the new system; sewer cleaning and maintenance will also occur during the drawdown. The Town is repairingmanholes and leaks as they are discovered. When the Lake is drawn down these will be inspected one by one and repaired as needed.

State Park Egress: There was a plan at one point to build an access road to Chimney Rock State Park in Town Center. This plan still exists but has not been made a priority by the State Park System. Currently there is no funding for this project. The overall plan is to repair the main entrance road; connect Lago Vista Road to the Park, then have the road be a one-way road. The Entrance would remain the same and be at Chimney Rock Village. The exit would be into Lake Lure off Lago Vista Road.

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP): LaBella Associates (The Town’s sewer system engineers) is working on a master plan for the WWTP and until that plan is finalized, the plan is to maintain the current system. The Town will be working on a transition between the current plant and a new plant and striving to match pace with the sewer system replacement project. The sludge management system is being utilized twice a year and has proved effective. Although we have a plan to move forward, we are impacted by time and money. There is potential for relocating the WWTP as having the plant in a flood plain is not ideal but it would be good to keep it close to the current one.

We hope this summary will help to keep you informed on our key priorities. We look forward to seeing you during the upcoming holidays. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated as we continue to work together to preserve Lake Lure for future generations.

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